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Wiener Hofburgorchester

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Vienna Hofburg Orchestra

Vienna Hofburg Orchestra

classical concerts classical concerts
to Johann Strauss
and Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart
in the Vienna Hofburg

concerts Johann StraussQuite rightfully, Vienna is called the "Music Capital of the World".The unique possibility to see the represantation rooms of the Royal PALACE (HOFBURG) is to attend a concert of the WIENER HOFBURG-ORCHESTER.
The WIENER HOFBURG-ORCHESTER has pleasure to offer its guests an unforgettable Viennese evening with the famous and beloved compositions by the "King of Waltz" Johann Strauss son as well as arias of operas by W.A.Mozart.

30 years ago the musician and conductor Gert Hofbauer founded the "WIENER HOFBURG-ORCHESTER" which plays from April to October every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday compositions by Johann Strauss and W.A. Mozart. Performing will be an orchestra consisting of about 40 professsional musicians and international
soloists of the Vienna State Opera.

Extract of the program
Vienna Hofburg Orchestra:

Kaiserwalzer - J.Strauss
Als Flotter Geist - Zigeunerbaron - J.Strauss
Vergnügungszug - Polka -J.Strauss
Eljen à Mágyar - Polka schnell
Wiener Blut - Duett - J.Strauss
"Die Fledermaus" - Ouverture der Operette
Wiener Blut - Walzer
Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen, Papageno - Papagena (Zauberflöte - W.A. Mozart)
Radetzkymarsch - Marsch

The concerts with the " Wiener Hofburg Orchester" take place from May to October every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 08.30 p.m.


Wiener Hofburg
Heldenplatz (Festsaal)
Josefsplatz (Redoutensaal)
A-1010 Wien

Dress Code: NO
Location:City Center Airconditioned:YES

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