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Mozart Haus Concerts

Mozart Haus ConcertsThe "Concerts in Mozart's House" take place at the monastery of the "German Teotonic Order", where Mozart lived and worked for Archbishop Colloredo in the year 1781. The "Sala Terrena" is the oldest concert hall in Vienna, where Mozart himself performed many concerts. It is decorated with beautiful frescos in the style of the late Venetian Renaissance. It is also the perfect setting for performances of Viennese classic chamber music of the 18th century.In the "Sala Terrena", the "Mozart Ensemble - Vienna" performs a well-balanced musical program that includes well-known compositions as well as great string quartets by the four famous masters of chamber music: Mozart, Haydn, Schubert and Beethoven. By performing in Austria and abroad, the "Mozart Ensemble - Vienna" has established itself in the Viennese concert culture and has become an "insider tip" for visitors from all over the world.

Extract of the Program
"Mozart Haus Concerts"

W. A. Mozart:
Quartett in C-Dur KV.157
- Allegro
- Andante
- Presto

W.A. Mozart:
Divertimento in B-Dur KV. 137
 - Allegro

J. Haydn:
Quartett in d-moll - Anadante

W. A. Mozart:
Kleine Nachtmusik
- Allegro
- Romanze - Andante
- Menuetto - Allegretto
- Rondo - Allegro

Prices (EUR)




Concerts every Thursday, Friday and Sunday starting at 19:30 (approx. 90min.) and every Saturday starting at 18:00 (approx. 70 min.).

Sala Terrena
Singerstrasse 7
A-1010 Vienna

Dress Code: NO
Location: City Center Airconditioned:

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