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Book tickets for concerts in the Vienna Residence Orchestra
.and various other Viennese concert tickets such as:
Vienna Hofburg Orchestra, Vienna Heurigen Show, Austria Dinner Show Ensemble, Salonorchestra Old Vienna,
Schloss Orchestra, Concerts in the Mozart Haus, Vienna Mozart Orchestra and the Vienna Royal Orchestra


Vienna ResidenceorchestraVienna Residence Orchestra

The Vienna Residence Orchestra, a chamber orchestra with a long tradition, was established by pianist and conductor Paul Moser in order to present the Viennese classics in full. The numerous ranges of events in recent decades were presented in Vienna’s most beautiful palace. The orchestra plays pieces from Mozart to Johann Strauss with between 10 and 40 musicians. In 1991 the orchestra was the official Austrian representative at Mozart’s anniversary celebrations and played numerous concerts at the “Wiener Klangbogen” festival.
Vienna Residenceorchestra Concerts 
In 1992 world-famous Rudolf Nurejev became the orchestra’s first guest director. Nurejev was quickly seen throughout Europe with the Vienna Residence Orchestra and met with sensational success.

                                » more about the Vienna Residence Orchestra

Vienna Hofburg OrchestraVienna Hofburg orchestra
Quite rightfully, Vienna is called the "Music Capital of the World".The unique possibility to see the represantation rooms of the IMPERIAL PALACE (HOFBURG) is to attend a concert of the WIENER HOFBURG-ORCHESTER.     
       » to Vienna Hofburg Orchestra     
Heurigen Show ViennaVienna Heurigen Show
A successful blend of Viennese Waltz and Operetta with traditional Viennese Heurigen Culture is presented by the 1. Wiener Heurigen Show at the famous "Wine Tavern Wolf".                      
               » to Heurigen Show
Austrian Dinner Show in ViennaAustrian Dinner Show
The "Austrian Dinner Show Ensemble" consists of highly talented musicians, excellent vocal soloists and spirited dancers, who appear in colourful local costumes of the various musical regions visited.                       
           » to Austrian Dinner Show
Old Vienna Salonorchestra Austria - Johann StraussSalon Orchestra Old Vienna
The Johann Strauss Salonorchester was founded in 1994 by the concertmaster of the Vienna Volksoper, Prof. Udo Zwölfer. Sold-out concert halls and enthusiastic reviews attest to their musical excellence.                                 » to Vienna Salon Orchestra
Schönbrunner Schloß Orchestra ViennaSchönbrunner Schloss Orchestra
The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra is a highly professional and traditional Viennese chamber music orchestra, successfully playing since its foundation in 1997.
  » to Schönbrunner Schloss Orchestra
Vienna Mozart OrchestraVienna Mozart Orchestra
The Vienna Mozart Orchestra was founded in 1986 by musicians from the best and most famous Viennese orchestras and from various chamber music ensembles.

       » to Vienna Mozart Orchestra

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concert HausMozart Haus Concerts
"The "Concerts in Mozart's House" take place at the monastery of the "German Teotonic Order", where Mozart lived and worked for Archbishop Colloredo in the year 1781.
The "Sala Terrena" is the oldest concert hall in Vienna.

to Vienna Mozart Haus
Vienna Royal Orchestra

Vienna Royal Orchestra
„There is only one imperial city – there is only one Vienna“, said Johann Strauss, „the king of waltz “ and symbol of the „viennese music“.  The Royal Classic Gala presents the masterworks of renowned austrian composers.
to Vienna Royal Orchestra

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